Aluminum Bi-Fold Doors

Bifold doors: a door capable of being folded into or more parts, with leaves that are hinged together.


Bi-Fold Door

Bi-fold doors are the best suited option for larger openings. These windows provide maximum ventilation and light and also give you the advantage of an unobstructed view to the garden once opened. Bi-fold doors can be manufactured to open either internally or externally depending on your requirements. The high quality hinges and premium hardware ensures a smooth and effortless operation, which is built to last. Profile Width -71mm. Thickness 1.2 to 1.5mm. Single & Double Glazing option. Range of glass/panel thickness 5-20mm. Max Size 7 x 10 Ft.

Bi-fold Door Features

• Profile based on European designs which not only enhances the interior as well as exterior looks but also withstands high wind load conditions.

• Corner Joints & T-Joints for strong mechanical joineries. Gives more strength to joints in comparison with welded joints or screw base joints.

• Internal Glazing provides more security than any other system.

• Available with Multipoint Locks for more security.

• Smooth & Effortless in Operation.

• Available in certified Anodized Color, Powder Coating & Wood Grain Finish.

Patio Sliding Door


• Domalco 3" Sliding & 4" Sliding

• Elios 50 Series Sliding & Swing

• Elios 85 Series Sliding & Swing

• Euromaxx Sliding & Swing

• Lift & Slide Sliding

• Bi-Fold


• Domalco 3” Sliding, 3” Fixed, 4” Sliding, 4” Fixed & 4” Casement

• Elios 50 Series Sliding, Fixed & Casement

• Elios 85 Series Sliding, Fixed, Casement & Tilt & Turn

• Euromaxx Sliding, Fixed & Casement

• Glass Louver, Z Louver & Box Louver

• Protector Bead


• Curtain Wall System

• Spider Glazing System

• Facade Cladding System


• Double Glaze Glass


Salient Features

• Sound Proofing

• Monsoon Proof

• Dust Proofing

• Airtight Design

• Keep insects out

• Resistant to Strong Winds

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