System solutions for FaCades

Facade means the exteriors of a building, especially the front most important design feature in modern architectural. Carries no roof or floor loads Fasten to the structural frame (primary structure) and acts solely as an enclosing envelope. Usually consists of metals in combination with glass, plastics and other surfacing materials, supported on metal unit frameworks. Custom design specifically for one major project, using parts and details made especially for this purpose.

Benefits of these facade systems

  Weather tightness

  Structural behavior

  Interaction with the primary structure

  Thermal gains and losses through the façade

  Occupant comfort and energy efficiency






  Natural light admittance

  Fire behavior of the building envelope

  Acoustic performance

  Safety and serviceability


  Maintenance and reliability



• Domalco 3" Sliding & 4" Sliding

• Elios 50 Series Sliding & Swing

• Elios 85 Series Sliding & Swing

• Euromaxx Sliding & Swing

• Lift & Slide Sliding

• Bi-Fold


• Domalco 3” Sliding, 3” Fixed, 4” Sliding, 4” Fixed & 4” Casement

• Elios 50 Series Sliding, Fixed & Casement

• Elios 85 Series Sliding, Fixed, Casement & Tilt & Turn

• Euromaxx Sliding, Fixed & Casement

• Glass Louver, Z Louver & Box Louver

• Protector Bead


• Curtain Wall System

• Spider Glazing System

• Facade Cladding System


• Double Glaze Glass


Salient Features

• Sound Proofing

• Monsoon Proof

• Dust Proofing

• Airtight Design

• Keep insects out

• Resistant to Strong Winds

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