Double Glazed Glass

Double glazing:  a window with two panes of glass in a window, fitted to reduce the transmission of heat, sound, etc


Why Dalco® Double Glazed Windows and Doors

Safe and Secure

Dalco® Double Glazed windows and doors affords the owner a special barrier, an extra 'layer' of protection against outside 'attack' - whether that 'attack' comes from the elements (be it the sun, wind, rain, noise, cold or storms) or it comes in human form. Thus the extra 'layer' of protection makes it doubly harder to succeed.


Silence is Golden

Constant noise from the outdoors can spoil your enjoyment of time spent at home. Noise from Traffic, Construction, machinery, loud neighbors and more can cause a serious intrusion on your home life. Dalco® Double Glaze offers an affordable way to block them out.


Dalco® Double glazed windows and doors feature an air gap between two panes of glass. Both the extra glass thickness and the air pocket work to significantly reduce the transmission of external noise. Comparative tests under typical conditions have shown a 60% reduction in relative loudness using Dalco® Double Glazing on windows. This is a significant reduction especially for home owners concerned with traffic, nearby construction or general neighborhood noise. Dalco® Double Glazing can free you from the annoyance and health risks of external noise.


Cool and Comfortable

With single glazing, the single sheet of 5 or 6mm glass will allow:

• 99% of light to pass through

• 60% of UV to pass through

• 80% of heat to pass through

Measured in "U Value" (heat transfer), single glazing allows a whopping 6 watts per square meter of glass per 20 C of temperature change (k). Tinting the glass doesn't help!


Dalco® Double Glazing will improve the thermal resistance of your windows by as much as 99%.


Cozy and Quiet

A home should not be insulated against heat without addressing the windows. Effective insulation must provide a complete barrier to heat transmission. If you fail to address the windows, much of your efforts in insulating will be lost.


In summer the windows of an average home account for over 25% of total heat gain. Windows on East/West facing walls increase this percentage gain further. The afternoon sun blasts west facing windows with radiated heat and unprotected, these windows will readily admit the thermal onset. Wall and ceiling insulation then traps the heat inside and your home becomes an oven.


Dalco® Double Glazed windows can improve thermal resistance by 49%. The air pocket created between the two glass panes provides an insulating barrier, keeping the outside heat out and regulating your interior temperature.


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