WHY DALCO? Among many more fabricators “Dalco” has firstly shown its uniqueness in BD with high energy efficient and cost effective double insulated glass window solutions. It is amazing to see a fully vertical setup and a complete in-house production capability inside the country. Hold on to Dalco’s hand, the traditional window system has been transformed to more modern,stylish and customized system. The client lover “Dalco” has promised to meet its customer’s demand and has already been proven through its different high end works. They offer aluminium doors and windows which is not only result in energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings but are also stylish. Additionally their glass is available in all forms- tempered, double or triple glazed, frosted and soundproof.


Our Strength We are the only one having a fully vertical setup in Bangladesh and are capable of doing complete production in-house. Our chain of Production comprises of three sister companies:
3D Architectural Industries Dhaka Thai Limited Dalco Building Systems (Glass Processing & Tempering) (Alco Aluminium Extruded Profiles) (Double Glazed, Casement, Fixed & Sliding Architectural Systems for Windows & Doors)
Since we have complete control over our production, we are able to maintain high quality standards and provide speedy solution to our clients unmatched by our competitors. Styles & BEnefits Delve into our Library of Styles ,and it will amaze you with its never ending collection of Picturesque design. we have a style to match every single need of yours. Not only this our windows and door come with unparalleled benefits.
Wide Design
A window for every room
International Designs
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Available in variety of colors
Energy Efficient
Sound Reduction Weather Resistance
Long Life
Environmental Friendly
Prevent Dust Buildup
Elegant Looks Weather Resistant
Quality & Innovation Today, Dalco is the benchmark of excellence in door and window business in Bangladesh. Our Success is built on the Strength of our Product & Brand. We bring quality, Innovations & ideas on the table.
Tested for Bangladeshi Condition World Class Manufacturing
While other window solution providers import profiles, which might not be suited for climatic Bangladeshi conditions, Our Group manufactures its own windows, keeping in mind the extreme weather fluctuations in Bangladesh. In fact, Dalco windows are the only windows in the country which are designed and simulated for different wind loads. Dalco takes no shortcuts. Every Dalco product is a precision engineered fully fabricated unit delivered in special packaging to the customer with factory-fitted glass and perfectly assembled hardware.
Imported Hardware Multi Locking System
Every little detail has a quality stamp. All the hardware and accessories are specially designed and customized to meet our strict norms and standards for best performance under harsh climatic conditions. At Dalco, we take great care of even the finer details so that you get the best. Dalco offers multi locking system which improves the overall sealing and further enhances the sound and thermal insulation of its windows and doors. Dalco also provides special hardware options for its casement windows and doors to increase the security.
Rain water Drainage Systems
Service & Infrastructure We are a one stop solution provider for all your door and window needs. Our Exemplary customer service supported with professional installation and state of the art infrastructure has helped us achieve thousand's Installations. Professional Installation Our team of trained professionals and fenestration experts work with your architects to select the best solution for your home. Our window installation professionals come with experience of more than Thousand installations across many homes of all shapes, sizes and styles. The entire process of replacing old windows and doors, and installing new ones happens smoothly - without causing any disturbance to you and your family. 365 Days Customer Support 365 Days Customer Support Trained manpower. Dalco also has special service stations complete with installation teams and after-sales support. Replacement Facilities No masons. No carpenters. No hassles. No mess. No plaster. No windowless nights. No disturbance to family life. It's possible to remove old windows and install new ones in your home. Another reason why only Dalco is Dalco.
Hassle free End to End Service Dalco is a one-stop solution for all your window and door needs. We help in your window design selection, measure each window aperture, design as per your needs, monitor production at state-of-the-art factories, supervise installation and ensure after sales service. So, you just need to choose your product and leave the rest to Dalco. Unmatched Execution Capabilities Our order involves clockwork execution, planning to the last minute detail, synchronised teamwork and wider, more rounded capabilities in overall project management. As a result, we have won the trust of prominent builders and several repeat orders from them.
Dalco windows are equipped with a special drainage system that prevents the rain water from seeping in.
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